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Flex Board Manufacturers Delhi Ncr, & Installation in Delhi Ncr and North India

Shree art service is prominent Flex board manufacturers in Delhi our Dealer board are the most popular and in budget advertising boards in market .Every shop have these boards installed on top of their shop front gate. These shops get their board sponsored by their flex board manufacturers or marketer.

Flex Board Advertising - GS Caltex

Outdoor advertising sign Flex board of gs caltex fabricated and installed by Shree art service

For eg : Mr. X is a shopkeeper and sells lubricant oils of Castrol India , Mak lubricant , Shell , Gulf and Gs caltex and Gs caltex is a new company who is fresh in market then what he should do to increase his sales market share?

Of course i agree that most of you will be thinking that he should sell his product at the lower price as Demand curve explain in economics in case of perfect competition , But price once fixed then it is difficult to change price. We offered them another solution which was ” outdoor advertising sign Flex Board ” , Advertising is attaining maximum product awareness and visibility in target market. Going direct on large format advertising like PAN India via Radio Television is not preferred until they cover up all cities through strong marketing.

In initial it is preferred to go for Dealer Board advertising because it covers target customers direct at the gate of the shop.

Flex Board Advertising - Controlling Sound Pollution

Flex board with social warning message ” Sounding your horn unnecessarily can lead to jail “


Flex Board Manufacturers Delhi NCR : Shree Art Service

Shree Art Service : We are flex board manufacturers Delhi and we provide installation services for these ads. we install them at your dealers location what you have to just do is hand over your dealers list and we will go at their shop location pitch your offer take dealers approval and size of the wall along with the photo of the wall where we will install your flex board advertising. When you approve the shop and the location then we will start the production process and after that final installation.

Flex Board Advertising - Hero Motocorp

Flex board displaying message ” Give way make way ” hero motocorp


Advantages of Dealer Board Advertising :

  • Buys you the cheapest advertising location.
  • Direct exposure of advertisement to buyer.
  • Long life more than 18 months with out fading of colors of your advertising we assure you and guarantee that.
  • Advertisement come into the notice of passer by’s on road near shop.


Flex Board Advertising - Hero Motocorp

Flex board of social message to control over speeding of vehicle by hero motocorp

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