Taxi Cab Advertising

Taxi Cab Advertising in Delhi NCR

Taxi Cab Advertising

Taxi advertising is an efficient, cost-effective medium of outdoor advertising. Majorly reachable to urban spaces, it can support a city-based or nation-wide campaign. It works both as a stand-alone medium and part of a larger campaign. High-quality vinyl graphic images can now be placed easily and cost-effectively unlike earlier times when vehicles could only be used permanently and expensively to display advertisements. Now-a-days the images can be removed or changed without damaging the paintwork, and rather actually protecting it.Much like auto-rickshaw and bus advertising, taxi advertisements travel along the vehicles, thereby gaining wide visibility and attention of the passersby. These advertisements can be placed on the inside and outside of the taxis. As travelers spend significant time in a taxi, advertisers can also place brochures or company literature for them to have a look at various formats in taxi:

Taxi Exteriors
Full Taxi Wraps Side Wraps
Taxi Tops Taxi Back
Taxi Interiors
LCD Screens Mobile Charger
Tissue Box Seat
Car Hanger Meter Branding
Product Sampling Brand Activation
Window Branding

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