Pole Kiosk

Pole Kiosk in Delhi NCR

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Pole kiosks are an outdoor medium of advertisement that supports consecutive message display with affordability to reach to an on-the-road/street audience. Advertisements of this sort are constantly before the eyes of the observers on the streets as they are displayed in a sequence of poles and allow for repetitive viewer-ship. They can be designed with back-lit boxes, but most of the time they are automatically illuminated by the lights on the poles on which they are displayed.

visibility = quality or fact or degree of being visible; perceptible by eye or obvious to the eye

Pole Kiosk

Pole Kiosk

Kiosks support complete flow of communication of a particular campaign through a string of information- right from introduction to benefits to contact information- being sequentially displayed on successive poles. Because these are very small in size (not more than 3-4 words per kiosk), unlike billboards, so the message has to be precise and legible to fast moving traffic. Longer messages can, however, be placed over 2-3 consecutive boards. Campaigns using 3-5 consecutive boards must have some consistency in communicating as a single campaign.

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