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Unipole Advertising in Delhi NCR

Unipole advertising in Delhi NCR, Billboards in Delhi

Unipole advertising in Delhi NCR allows for distant viewer-ship commonly effective at inter-state roads and highways. With a sufficient rise in long distance travel among the Indian population, unipole advertising in Delhi Ncr has gained more importance.  The big and bold size of unipoles allow the product to reach to a wider audience and with much ease. They provide large format display opportunities which are not allowed in Delhi in case of billboards.

Unipole Advertising - Delhi NCR

Unipole advertisement of Toyota Etios or billboard in Delhi NCR

The idea to be communicated through unipoles should be precise and easy to grasp within seconds because that’s the amount of time a unipole gets viewed by the traveling audience. The font should be big enough to be clearly readable from t least 100 m away. The display ought to be bright and clear to attract attention.

As we all know that Delhi is capital city and mega city where more then two crore population resides in just 46,208 km2 in such a small area with high volume of population makes it a perfect place for branding and advertising and no company who are in to consumer goods manufacturing like food products , cement , plywood and pvc doors , e-commerce portal , marketplace portals , job portals etc. should ignore unipole advertising in Delhi NCR because it is a big market, Where you can find all class levels of groups from labourers to managers and managers to ceo’s.

Delhi is a huge market and growing rapidly more and more national and multinational companies showing interest in establishing their branch office in near by areas like Noida , Greater Noida , Faridabad , Gurgaon , Gaziabad which leads in the increase of daily flow of traffic from other cities to Delhi NCR

On other hand because of increase in the income of Delhi people lower middle class also afford car which increases traffic jams and traveling time. Let me calculate the time spent by 75 percent of Delhi population which is working and will get exposure to your unipole advertisement in Delhi Ncr , at-least every individual spend its half an hour or 45 minutes in traveling to office one way and some take hour or more , if i take 45 minutes average time spent on one way then it makes one and a half hour both ways daily, and 540 minutes a six days , and 432 hours a year. So a working individual spend its 18 days on road just traveling from home to office and office to home.

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