Flex Board Advertising

Flex Board Advertising, Dealer Board Advertising

What is Flex board or dealers board and what information does a dealers board advertising consist?

Dealers board or flex board are outdoor advertising signage and Dealers board consist of information like :

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Images of products etc
  • Retailer’s name and phone number


How flex board or dealers board made and how this advertising activity is done?

Flex or dealers board are made of iron frame and flex. Raw materials required for dealers board.

  1. List of retailers and dealers required.
  2. Recce or sizes are measured of each store front’s forehead.
  3. Demand of retailers are considered. That means if they want flex or back light board.
  4. Sizes of boards are approved by company.
  5. Creative in CDR file format.
  6. Flex printing machine.
  7. There are two varieties of flex namely Normal flex and star flex. Star flex is of superior quality. Creative is printed on star flex at warehouse.
  8. Detachable iron frame structure is made.
  9. Iron structure and flex is taken to the dealers or retailer’s shop.
  10. Structure is attached and flex is pasted on iron frame.
  11. Flex board is ready.
  12. Last but not the least, board is installed.
  13. For monetization purpose photographs are clicked and signature of shopkeeper is taken on installation certificate.
Flex Board Advertising - Kanak

Flex Board Advertising – Kanak

Flex board advertising and dealers board advertising of Gs caltex an engine oil lubricant manufacturer company

Flex board advertising and dealers board advertising is one of the most effective and cheapest form of outdoor advertising techniques.

In flex board advertising and dealers board advertising technique manufacturer or marketing agencies facilitates their dealers and their retailers with a flex board with their company’s branding on flex board and that flex board is installed at shopkeeper’s store front.


We at Shree Art Service facilitates our customers to the fullest. We try to provide each and every details required by our clients, do clear and transparent communication with project managers to complete the advertising task with-in time frame.

Pricing and rates quoting

Rates are quoted by calculating the total work order. That means how many boards are to be made where they have to be installed how much we have to travel which determines traveling cost, time cost and how much square feet work is to undertake. After all these calculation an approximate value per square feet is given.

Why should you consider buying flex dealers board?
  • Because they are cheaper than other dealers board.
  • Because it is in-budget, tried and tested display ad technique of outdoor advertising.
  • Because they give impression of your ad when a customer is going to make purchase.
  • Because they are worth buying and displays our advertisement on big board which is visible from 1 to 100 ft .
Why should you hire us?
  1. You should hire us because once you have submitted the 50 percent advance purchase order and approved design; we will install your glow sign boards Delhi NCR within 2 working days.
  2. You should hire us because if the quantity of work is more than 2000 square feet, we will give you 10 percent trade discount.
  3. You should hire us because of our trained installers’ team. We have five teams and each team can install 5 to 8 glow sign boards Delhi NCR according to situation and demand.
  4. You should hire us because we use best raw materials to fabricate these back lit boards.
  5. You should hire us because of our quality installing. We take extra care so that installed boards do not fall and we assure you that our fitted boards will last long until and unless any natural calamity hits the board.

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