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How to plan auto advertising campaigns, conduct an auto advertisement, reasonable auto ads prices

We at Shree art service owing to our huge auto rickshaw advertisement, auto advertising network and warehousing unit. We are offering an auto rickshaw advertising services at low market prices. Flex media auto rickshaw advertising services are also known as auto hood branding. We execute auto ads branding for a lifetime period. “1-time hood installation services” for any size enterprise, auto ads are available for very less and reasonable prices.

Auto Ads and Auto Rickshaw Advertising - Shudh Plus Pan Masala

Auto Ads and Auto Rickshaw Advertising – Shudh Plus Pan Masala

Our Auto Rickshaw Advertisement Network.

All registered auto rickshaws’ in India are available for auto advertising. We count them in our network there is a limited restriction for auto ads. We have more than 16 auto advertisers who are in the “Level 1” position of networking. Our auto advertisers have an In-house team of installers and they are looking after their territories. There are more than 20 lac auto drivers in pan India. Shree art service does not have a large nexus of a network. For the most parts, in Pan India, we install hoods ourselves.

Our team visits the targeted destination of a city and install the hoods.

“Our in-house teams of installers” are the main reason why we provide our client with the best possible prices for auto advertising. Next, We have multiple teams which can install the auto ads on a number of autos at the same time and at the different locations.

Our Auto Advertisement Services In cities And States Of India

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Utter Pradesh
  • Bangalore
  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Himachal
  • Uttarakhand
  • Chandigarh
  • Chattisgarh
  • Rajasthan
  • Gujrat
  • Calcutta

Auto Advertisement Prices. | Auto Advertising Description.

Auto ads Pricing table is illustrated in illustration 1 below this heading. The complete auto hood of an auto rickshaw for auto rickshaw advertisement. Generally, depends upon the targeted location. If Auto Drivers Union and the association is active at that targeted location then prices differ.
The prices vary, location to location if targeted location have Auto Drivers Union and their association. The client has to pay a number of advertising charges levied by the auto Drivers association. On each auto and plus our advertising fee. If at the targeted location their auto drivers association not active, Then client have to pay our fees only.

In India, there are some places where auto ads are not allowed. Example, Mumbai, There are some places where don’t have to pay charges levied by auto union association on auto advertising. Such as Delhi and there are places in India where it’s compulsory to pay advertising charges on auto ads levied by auto drivers association. Example, Gurgaon. Click on the colored links text they are links to the list of respected places.

For example, Prices of an auto advertisement in Delhi will vary. Compared to, An auto advertising campaign charges in Gurgaon because in Delhi there is no auto union, therefore, no charges to pay and in Gurgaon there we have to pay an amount to auto advertising union for auto advertising, That to a fixed amount on each auto hood installation.

  •  Shree art service does branding on the complete hood of an auto.
  • Back and two other sides of an auto we use for branding (show auto branding printable area in illustration 2).
  • Print Type: U shaped Printing (View demo image of a print type in illustration 3).
  • 18 x 42 inches size of an advertisement (View demo image of auto ads with dimension in illustration 4).
  • Location: PAN India. (View image of the map with locations marked where we avail auto advertisement services in illustration 5).
  • We require creative from Client’s end in (Open Corel Draw file format). (View demo image of auto ads creative illustration 6).

How We Monitor An Auto Rickshaw Advertising Campaign

We share 100% images of an auto rickshaw advertisement campaign along with auto rickshaw details in excel sheet through e-mail. As soon as the work of all auto hoods installation is completed.
We do not share any images of auto advertising photographs at the last month of auto ads campaign.

Unique Selling Properties Of Auto Ads And Why One Should Consider Buying Auto Rickshaw Advertising Media As Comparison To, Other Out Of Home Advertising Media.

  • These ads are the most economical. In comparison to, Other out of home advertising methods.
  • Auto ads work as a stand-alone medium of outdoor ads and as well as, a part of a large media campaign.
  • These Auto rickshaw advertising, auto advertisement give direct access to areas where advertising is not possible, restricted or just too expensive.
  • Auto ads provide your advertisement a roaming visibility to your brand. Branding becomes easier with auto advertising.
  • They give an average viewership of 5,00,000 people per Auto rickshaw per month. Auto rickshaw travels at least 150 kilometers per day.
  • Comparatively new space for advertising and generates more curiosity.
  • Cost per unique view is less than any other media.
  • Auto ads provide roaming visibility to your brand for at least 13 hours a day. Hence, increasing the maximum visibility of auto advertisement in day and night time.

How to plan advertising campaigns | How to plan ad campaign.

Before planning a campaign. First, we have to decide what is the “Advertising goal”. Next, we have to consider which type of campaign we should apply to reach our advertising goals. the selected type of campaign will give an idea of the adverting expenses needed to achieve advertising goal.

we want to run an advertising campaign there are many types of campaign. To know which type of campaign to run, you need to be clear about your businesses advertising need.

A successful advertising campaign has a sequence to follow for effective advertising. There are proper guidelines in Marketing funnel to follow for the successful ad campaign. To calculate the advertising goal we should have primary and historical data of your business activities such as “sales volume” from different parts of the city. if you are doing intercity business. If you are doing state-level business then “sales volume” of different states will be analyzed.


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Advantages Of Auto ADVERTISING From “Client’s Perspective”, “Customer’s Perspective”, “Society’s Perspective”.

Most effective areas where auto advertising and outdoor advertising is successful

If your target audience is living where internet connectivity is an issue then, Here we present your ad campaign savvier in out of home advertising. Firstly, The cheapest and quality outdoor advertising material of the decade. “Sunpack sheet printing and installing”. Secondly, cloth banner advertising. Thirdly, Flex banner advertising and Foam banner advertising. Fourthly, Rickshaw advertising or e-rickshaw advertising. On Fifth, wall painting, shutter painting, shop painting and last if road connectivity is not a problem then auto advertising.

Advantages Of An Auto Ads Campaign From Client’s Perspective.| Auto Rickshaw Advertising Campaign Advantages.

  • Ad targeting benefits: In an auto rickshaw advertisement and auto advertising location targeting is enabled. Therefore, Client can target zones of a city. Such as Central Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, East Delhi etc. Subsequently,
    • E-rickshaw advertising targets ads pin-code wise for example an e-rickshaw advertisement of an “electronic store” on sale time period can be easily installed. On those e-rickshaws which have a daily routine route on targeted pin-codes.
  • Cost benefits: the Auto advertisement is very cost effective and has reasonable pricing for marketing and advertising needs of a business.
  • Value addition: An Auto advertisement adds value to your business by branding with low budget advertising campaigns.
  • High exposure: An auto advertisement roams 13 to 14 hours a day. Including, More than 70 to 75 red lights and in peak hours auto advertising will enter in at least 3 to 5 traffic jams or slow moving traffic areas, Where traffic moves bumper to bumper. As a result, increased exposure to auto ads.
  • Traditional Advertising: Traditional way of advertising in the most recent times. Traditional advertising is a tried and tested methods of advertising. Thus, Providing maximum results out of ads campaign.
  • A mobile medium of marketing: Subsequently 3000 Autos are enough to cover the city like Delhi.
  • Highly penetrative to the large segment of the market:
  • Long-term visibility: Once an auto advertisement is installed then they are not removed by our team ever and Auto driver may change old advertising hood with new advertising hood after 6 to 7 months because printing and colors fade in the exposure of sunlight.
  • Durability: Auto ads are durable and can run for long period of Generally, 6 to 8 months. After that printing or color fades because of Direct Sun’s exposure.
  • Transit Media: Auto ads are a form of moving ads.

Advantages of an Auto Ads Campaign from End User’s Perspective.| Auto Rickshaw Advertising Campaign Advantages. | Auto Advertisement From End User’s Point Of View.

Auto advertising can deliver a relevant message to the mass/targeted audience with ease and efficiency. Auto rickshaw advertising medium offers consistency as well as stability when it comes to delivering brand awareness.

The mass audience who all are present at traffic lights, zebra crossing, moving vehicles behind auto advertisement get full exposure of auto ads. It is similar to small roaming billboard the only difference is of price and size. If you doubt the effectiveness of Auto advertising then read this article illustration 7

Best hours in a day when auto advertisement are displayed | Re-encountering chances that by “X” who travel daily from North zone will be re-targeted by the auto ad.


” Best hours in a day……. will be re-targeted by the auto ad. “, is a crux of, core summary of illustration 7.
Morning time: This is the second best time period in a day when your auto ads get more than 90 percent exposure to the audience between 6:00 am to 10:30 am. There are 90 percent chances that viewers will encounter the same auto ad daily.

Evening: This time is the best time period in a day when your auto ads get, in between 70 percent to 80 percent exposure to the targeted audience between 6:00 am to 10:30 am. There are 70 percent chances that viewers will encounter the same auto ad

In afternoon time travelers who are traveling between 1:45 pm to 3:30 pm than 45 percent chances are that viewers will encounter auto ad daily. Maximize chances of encountering the same auto ad try to take route in the same zone with the maximum number of school in your route.

With reference to “zonal area” I mean to convey, the Northern zone of the city, the Southern zone of the city, etc. or that area where viewer saw the ad because that might be the targeted location where the auto ad is running.

Ad targeting, re-targeting in Auto advertising explained in illustration 7. with an example in accordance to time period and visibility.

Note & Quote: for client :

“learn the website name in ad if website information missed then don’t worry he can again try to learn it in upcoming several chances, when he will encounter the ad again.”

The Logic behind above quote ” learn the website name. ………… he will encounter the ad again.” is explained in separate post click here Effectiveness of auto advertising | illustration 8 auto advertising.

Challenges Of Auto Advertisement.

Auto advertisers face these below-stated challenges in an auto advertisement.

  • Fading of color under sunlight.
  • Color shades difference in comparison to creative and actual output on rexine media.
  • (Gundagardi) Act Of Vandalism of auto union leaders. List of auto union association in different parts of the city
  • Collection of images at the last month of the campaign.

Auto union leaders charge auto advertisers an unfair amount of money to advertise on each auto and for them “economies of scale” like word does not exist in their dictionary. Dealing with auto union leaders sometimes becomes very difficult because we have to agree with each and every demand of auto union leaders. If we want to advertise on behalf of our client in their area.

The print on flex media comes 100 percent exact. Thus, it is costly whereas the print on rexine media there is 8 to 10 percent difference of color shade. Expert designer and printer are required to get the exact colors on rexine media.

One of the main challenges of an auto advertisement is, flex and rexine’s colors fade under sunlight and if a campaign is longer than 6 months time period than media should be changed on autos or new auto advertisement campaign should be started after 6 months. We recommend a new campaign.

Finally, Draw Backs Of Auto Advertisement By Vinyl Or Poster Pasting.


Auto advertisement by vinyl pasting at the back of the auto is the cheapest out of home advertisement methods. This is the sole advantage of auto rickshaw advertising by vinyl pasting.

This auto advertisement by vinyl pasting at the back of auto is vulnerable that means, anyone can damage these ads. This is the main reason why we do not recommend our clients to opt for vinyl pasting at the back of auto because of its vulnerability. Auto rickshaw advertising by vinyl can be damaged by anyone easily and the resources deployed like money, time, the reputation of the company, labor and campaign are rather wasted.

Disadvantage Of Auto Rickshaw Advertising Done By Vinyl Posted Poster On Back Of Hood.

Auto drivers do not prefer auto advertisement done by vinyl or poster pasting. Hence, There is no guarantee of vinyl pasted auto advertisement and there are no photographs which we will provide you for tracking campaign progress for vinyl pasted auto advertisement in the last month of the campaign.

Furthermore, there is no last month for auto ads done by vinyl or poster pasting because we will print, paste, take pictures of ad installed on auto and handover the auto details along with pictures to you that’s it.

“Auto vinyl ad Challen to chaand tak na challen to shaam tak”.

Your auto advertisement will be displayed by God’s grace and the reputation of your company is in the hands of God. We do not take any responsibility for auto advertisement done by vinyl pasted on the back of the auto hood.

Conduct an auto advertisement.

In the process of fabricating auto advertisement. To begin with creative is printed on flex or rexine media. Next, Yellow hood and flex or yellow hood and rexine go for stitching. Next, Old hoods from auto rickshaws are removed and new hoods are installed, Removing and installing 1 hood usually takes 30 to 45 minutes.


Auto hoods for auto rickshaw advertising

Boy bringing new auto advertisement hoods in the warehouse.




Auto Ads and Auto Rickshaw Advertising - Gold Loan

Vinyl posted on auto for auto advertisement and auto rickshaw advertising.


Auto Ads and Auto Rickshaw Advertising - Sree Leathers

Vinyl posted on auto for auto advertising.

image fabrication

Credit Policy Of Shree Art Service For Auto Advertisement Campaign.

For us, our customer is “The King” and we do everything possible to facilitate our customer. As I have already told you the customer is “the king and king don’t bargain”.Similarly, we ask our customer for 50 percent advance payment and rest after submitting the bill and completion of the job.

In some cases. Especially, Incorporate orders, we facilitate credit to the company but for that, we initially need purchase order (P.O) to begin work with ease.

We believe honesty is the best policy.

Sach kehna sukhi rehna.

Our quotes and services are very competitive and we do not afford long-term credit of more than 30 days. If your credit cycle is more then 30 days then please specify that at the beginning of the contract. So that, We can quote you accordingly.

“Time is money” and if you are taking time to pay money. That means you are taking money of the bearer.


For small medium enterprises. If they need credit of more then 30 days than they need to submit their last 2-year balance sheet along with some advance to begin work with ease.

We understand all the advertising needs of a business because shree art service is in this business from the past 23 years. We are an organization of 5 to 10 people yet we possess abilities to take care of big advertising campaigns.

Big companies such as cement and plaster of parries manufacturing company’s, Steel manufacturing company’s and Automotive oil lubricant company’s ads campaigns. Where there are going several activities side by side. For instance, wall painting, auto advertising, digital advertising, in-shop branding, display advertising, video advertising at the same time.

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