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Roll up standees

What are roll up standees price in India.

Roll up standees price: We at Shree Art Service provide roll up standees at best prices possible, which is 810 INR only for standees size 2 ft. x 5 ft. . These prices are inclusive of shipping, flex printing and installing charges. Roll Up banner include Goods and Services Tax (GST) extra, which is 18 percent, and its hsn code is 76169990. You will have to pay a total amount for single standees of 956 INR only.


Roll up standees price for size 5 feet height x 2 feet width:roll up standees and roll up banner

  • Eight hundred and ten INR only for normal flex.
  • Eight hundred Seventy INR only for star flex printing where you get glossy finish.
  • Eleven hundred Eighty INR only for mat finish.


Roll up standees price for size 6 feet height x 2.5 feet width.

  • Eight hundred and fifty INR only for normal flex printing.
  • Eight hundred and ninty INR only for star flex printing where you get glossy finish.
  • Eleven hundred and twenty five INR only for mat finish.


Roll up standees price for size 6 feet height x 3 feet width.

  • One thousand INR only for normal flex printing.
  • One thousand INR for star flex printing where you get glossy finish.
  • Eleven hundred INR only for mat finish.


For bulk inquiries, we have separate quotations. So please contact us via phone just dial 9811166653. We at Shree Art Service will assist you in designing your content to be printed and installed on standees.

The advertising industry counts us amongst the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of standees. Offices and other commercial locations like trade fair, expos and roadside demos largely use our product range. Our clients have demanded our products with consistency for their leading features like compact setup, easy to carry and availability in different sizes and dimensions.


What are roll up standees?

Roll up standees are retrench-able banner-type indoor and outdoor advertising marketing materials used to convey a certain message to the target audience.

Types of roll up banners?

  • L Shape standees.Luxury roll up standees luxury roll up banner
  • Standard Roll up standees.
  • Table top X Banner.
  • D stand banner.
  • Table top roll up Banner.
  • Luxury roll up standees

Where we can use these roll up standees?

You can install and use them in various places like.

  1. Malls
  2. Office complex
  3. Organized Events
  4. Exhibitions
  5. Road sides with demonstration tent
  6. Seminars
  7. Cinema halls
  8. Auditoriums
  9. News rooms
  10. Colleges
  11. Hospitals
  12. Restaurants and lounges
  13. Gyms
  14. Airports
  15. Waiting rooms
  16. Launch Parties
  17. At Product promotion etc.


What are the technical specifications of roll up standees?

Roll up banners come in three sizes: 

6 feet height x 2.5 feet width, 6 feet height x 3 feet width and 6 feet height x 4 feet width. Made of aluminium, the roll up banners weighs around 2.7 kilogram to 3 kilogram. They come with a carry case. They come with a roll-up base and an aluminium rod.


What are the media used for printing roll up standees?

We use the following media for printing roll up banner:-

  • Normal flex
  • Star flex
  • Duplicate star flex
  • Mat finish flex
  • We usually use normal flex and star flex for making roll-up banners, unless stated otherwise.


Why should you buy roll up standees?

Easy to use, these are our most popular products

  • Fast and easy to set up – get your message up in 30 seconds.
  • Perfect when you need to set up and take down your message often.
  • Come in a bag for easy transportation.
  • Light weight
  • Durable if used carefully.
  • Best indoor-outdoor display item for marketing activities


We also offer luxury roll-up banners used in offices and other commercial locations to display product features. These stretchable roll up banners are easy to transport and used for showcasing products in a trade fair, expos and road side demos. They consist of a flexible plastic frame and holding designed for various sizes and dimensions.


How you can place order with us for roll up banners

You can directly call us at +91-8000 200 600 or +91-9811166653. Our representative will guide you in placing the order. Once you provide us with the final artwork or creative that you want on the standees, we will deliver them to your desired address within 24 to 48 hours. The entire process of printing, installing, dispatching and delivering will take around 5 to 7 business days; however, it may take up to 14 days in remote areas. For monitoring and tracking, we will e-mail or message you your order Id number of the courier company and you can easily track your order on their website.

In which format should you submit you are creative?

Please submit your creative or artwork in pdf, psd or CDR format. If you do not have the creative or artwork then any worries our designers will assist you and design you are creative.

Why should you opt for Shree Art Service?
  • You should consider us because we are trained with more than 10 years of experienced team of designers.
  • You should consider us because we have our own in-house setup warehouse where we have two big format printing machines.
  • You will consider us because we are providing the best standees prices prevailing in market.
  • You should consider us because we will reduce standees price if you order for more than 10 roll up banner.



  • Standees prices are subject to changes, as we do not have control over external prices of raw material.
  • For bulk order, we will reduce standees price but you need to provide a purchase order (PO) and pay 50 percent advance. We expect the remaining 50 percent amount by delivery.
  • These standees prices are for instant payment. If your company has a credit cycle then we will provide you standees price as per your credit cycle.


Roll Up Retractable Display

Roll Up Retractable Display


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