Glow sign boards Delhi ncr fabrication and installing back lit boards

Shree art provide Glow sign boards Delhi ncr and install them.

Glow sign boards Delhi NCR fabricating and installing back lit boards

We at Shree Art Service fabricate back lit boards, glow sign boards in Delhi & NCR. Glow sign boards are those boards that emit light, and are also known as back lit boards because there is a tube light installed at their back. You can install these back lit boards at a dealer’s forefront usually sponsored by the manufacturer of the product or services. They provide an additional advertising space for companies where manufacturer of a product or services can install them at their dealers’ or sellers’ storefront.

What are glow sign boards?

Glow sign boards are out-of-home advertising materials that are used in outdoor advertising. Every shop and service provider has either flex board or glow sign board installed at his or her storefront.

glow sign boards delhi ncr back lit board

Above is the back lit boards of ” polycab wire” fitted on forehead of shop’s entry gate

What information does a glow sign board carry?


These back lit boards carry:

  1. Message of the advertised product or services
  2. Dealer’s, distributor’s or seller’s information like dealer’s name, address, firm’s name, contacts details etc.

What are the raw materials used to fabricate glow sign boards?


  1. Wires and cables
  2. Galvanized GI sheet frame
  3. Iron frame
  4. Printed flex
  5. Electrical Chock
  6. Tube light
  7. One inch MS square pipe in running feet
  8. Artwork
  9. labor and installer
  10. Sizes of boards
How much does a glow sign board cost?

We cannot determine the exact amount until and unless we have some data, like how many square feet glow sign boards we have to

glow sign boards delhi ncr back lit boards of professional couriers

Glow sign boards delhi ncr professional couriers

fabricate, what is the total area in which the work has to be done, where to install, and the extent of travelling the installation will require. However, if the work done is equal to or greater than hundred square feet, then these glow sign boards cost Rs 175 per square feet in Delhi &NCR.

Features of glow sign boards:


  1. These back lit boards are very attractive.
  2. Glowing property of these back lit boards gives a clear and distant view of the advertisement to the audience.
  3. These back lit boards are in budget out shop branding material.
  4. These back lit boards are cheaper than ACP boards and 3D lettering boards and better than flex boards.
  5. These glow sign boards are wind proof.
  6. These glow sign boards are waterproof.
  7. They are very durable and effective if placed in proper locations.
Why should you consider installing a glow sign boards at your dealer’s storefront?

Advertising is a monster budget. We need to have a lot of finance to advertise a firm. Television ads, radio ads, YouTube ads, etc. are

glow sign boards delhi ncr back lit boards

Back lit boards of sunder tent house

costlier. If you are into retail business, digital marketing might help, but you still need to crack down the physical distribution channel in market.

To make it simpler, we offer our services to the companies who want to fill their dealers’, distributors’ and sellers’ store fronts with their advertising materials.

By this way, they can do marketing at their targeted location and advertise accordingly. Flex boards and back lit boards are the most common boards which you can see at fore head of the store front. Glow sign boards give more attractive look to your advertising and do not look cheap.

Why should you hire us?
  1. You should hire us because once you have submitted the 50 percent advance purchase order and approved design; we will install your glow sign boards Delhi NCR within 2 working days.
  2. You should hire us because if the quantity of work is more than 2000 square feet, we will give you 10 percent trade discount.
  3. You should hire us because of our trained installers’ team. We have five teams and each team can install 5 to 8 glow sign boards Delhi NCR according to situation and demand.
  4. You should hire us because we use best raw materials to fabricate these back lit boards.
  5. You should hire us because of our quality installing. We take extra care so that installed boards do not fall and we assure you that our fitted boards will last long until and unless any natural calamity hits the board.


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